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My biography

My name is Jennifer Dayana Molina Diaz

I was born on December 29 of 1998

in San Rafael Hospital of the town of Espinal

Cabeza Cabeza Cabeza Cabeza Cabeza Cabeza

My father's name Ivan Molina Hérnandez

My mother's name Clara Yineth Diaz Cartagena

In my family we are three daughters

The position I occupy among these three is the first, for I am the oldest

I live in the Espinal

on block 10 Home 14, Neighborhood/ Villa Paz

My favorite food is Chinese rice

My favorite sport is skating

My best friend name is Paula López,

she is studying with me

I want to be police officer

I plan to do the course at school for police officer Carlos Eugenio Restrepo, in Medellin

My biggest fear is injections

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My pet is a cat, called Pecas

on this holiday I went to a river

This is my profile in Facebook

later I want live in Paris

He is my boyfriend,his name is Felipe Lara.

Nine months ago we're together and I love him

This is my room

This is my photo "ñera"

These are my real friends

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